How to Avoid Commercial Carpet Care Mistakes

How to Avoid Commercial Carpet Care Mistakes

Lessons are learned from making mistakes, but when it comes to clean commercial carpet, there is no room for errors. The wrong process or product can cause permanent damage that impacts the lifespan and appearance of the carpet.

Have a Maintenance Program

The most prominent mistake commercial carpet owners make is a failure to have a carpet maintenance program in place. The lack of a maintenance program for carpet is a downfall for some facilities. Don’t wait until the carpet looks dirty to have it cleaned.
Many carpets are designed to hide soil. Waiting until it appears soiled means the carpet is filthy. The facility manager needs to schedule a regular carpet cleaning. The plan and implementation of the program should be comprehensive.

One element such as low moisture cleaning, deep extraction, or spot cleaning is not enough. The regime needs all aspects that yield a useful cleaning, better appearance, and longer life.
Follow Manufacturer’s Specifications
Along with a carpet maintenance program, the staff needs to be familiar with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is an element frequently overlooked. The cleaning regime design begins with the installation and specifications of the carpet.

Different construction methods and fibers impact how carpets should be spot cleaned and maintained. Carpet cleaning that is not in accord with manufacturer specifications can violate the warranty.
Professional carpet cleaners are trained to identify and evaluate carpet fiber. They know the best process and cleaning solution to use and will not violate the warranty.

Spot Clean

Staff members need to know how to spot clean. Treating a spot, the size of a dime or quarter can turn into a stain a foot in diameter if not correctly handled. It is best to know if an acid or alkaline cleaner should be used.
If the information is unavailable, test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before applying it to a soiled area. It is also essential to address a spot as quickly as possible. Avoid the temptation to rub it. Blot, don’t rub, to absorb the excess. Work from the outside in. Rubbing will do nothing but spread the stain farther.

Monitor How Often Carpet is Cleaned

A ‘more is better’ mindset is a mistake many facilities make when developing a carpet cleaning regimen. That philosophy can be detrimental to the longevity and appearance of the carpet. Excess cleaning solutions exacerbate re-soiling. Oversaturation can cause odors and mold issues. Re-soiling, smell, and mold degrade the carpet appearance much soon that it should.

Hire Professionals

A professional carpet cleaning service should be part of the plan. The machines that are used give instructions about the cleaning solution to use. They fail to let users know how vital thoroughly rinsing the solution from the carpet is.

Sometime during a job you might need your carpet stretched 

A rinse is necessary whether the carpet is cleaned using hot water extraction, a low moisture option, or encapsulation. If the cleaning compound or solution is not removed, dirt from shoes is attracted and left on the carpet. Both the maximum cleaning product and moisture should be recovered to avoid over-wetting. That mistake often occurs when dealing with stubborn stains or high-traffic areas. We also offer installation

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