How to Care for Leather Furniture

How to Care for Leather Furniture

Quality leather furniture is an investment that can last for decades if properly cared for and routinely maintained. It is not unusual for leather furniture to last 20 years when properly maintained.
Mobile leather cleaning services recommend that leather furniture is cleaned at least once each year by professionals. The finish of leather furniture can be broken down by the oils from hair and skin.

The oil absorbs into the leather upholstery. Permanent stains can develop. Black spots on leather furniture are an indication. Professional cleaning typically costs about a tenth of what you pay for the furniture. The price depends on the type of leather and the size of the furniture. Professional technicians usually clean the furniture on site, and it is immediately available for use.

Other Problems

Technicians often run into leather furniture that is over-conditioned. When you purchase a piece of leather furniture, the salesperson gives you a conditioner to use. If the pores of the leather are clogged, the conditioner cannot get to the leather.
Leather furniture that is not adequately maintained becomes brittle and dry, leading to fading and cracking. It takes time and patience to restore neglected leather. Leather can dry out while sitting in a room.

Leather can be re-dyed and repaired if it is cut, scratched, spilled upon, or has a small hole. A giant hole requires taking off the leather panel and changing it. Changing leather panels is not easy. Finding leather to match is difficult. Panel replacement is possible by re-dying the leather to match the original.

Addressing Issues on Your Own

It is recommended to clean small spills using a damp cloth to clean the spill followed by a cloth that is dry to remove the moisture. Attending to spills is the only suggested maintenance for furniture owner to do as far as cleaning leather.
Professionals do most cleaning and repair on site. For more in-depth cleaning and extensive damage caused by such things as urine or smoke, the furniture is taken to the cleaning and repair service’s shop.

Before trying to do any cleaning or repair beyond attending to spills, call a professional. Sometimes a technician is unable to remove stains after an attempt to clean the leather furniture by an owner.
Leather does not respond well to some cleaning methods. Special cleaners are needed. The solutions are not found in the typical household. Rely on the expertise of a professional upholstery cleaner.

The cleaners used by professionals are similar to those used for dry cleaning clothes. Trying to clean leather with store bought dry cleaning formulas can be a mistake. Most of the solutions are safe for people and pets after they have dried.
It is possible for them to cause respiratory issues. A room must be ventilated appropriately when using leather cleaning solutions. Some professionals use solutions that have low-level VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Many professionals use green products that are of no harm to people, pets, or the environment.