Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are many carpet cleaning methods in NY, and in general each company apply a different methods, based on the type of property, house, type of carpet and specially the condition the carpet is in. Many companies first send their representatives to observe the scoop of work, and evaluate what needs to be done, and how they will do it. One of the most popular methods is truck mount carpet cleaning.

Truck mount carpet cleaning

It’s a method that uses a very powerful vacuum suction with an extremely powerful water pump that injects the soap into the carpet and extracts back the dirty water to an empty tank. This method is used by many companies, its is very reliable and for the most its very easy to operate.

The disadvantage in this system is if the house or property has many flights, or its extremely big, depending on the size of the vacuum and water hose, they may or may not reach it. The main advantage to that system, is its very powerful one, insure great results, and it’s a very “clean” way of doing it the right way.

Deep shampoo

Other methods of carpet cleaning, is the deep shampoo cleaning, using a portable machine. Today there are many great carpet extractors available, and if a carpet cleaning company decides to invest in the latest state of the art equipment, they surely can get great results. Using a portable machine can be just efficiently as a truck mount one, depending of course on how much water pressure that specific machine has, and how strong the vacuum pumps engines are. Any thing close to one hundred water pressures will not be good enough, and not even close enough to a truck mount one. Anything above 250 and close to 500 water pressure will be getting great results.  Can you get the smell out is what you want to know

Steam cleaning

The last method of steam cleaning is the one people tend to think is very powerful and efficient, but the truth of the matter is, that its only away to refresh your carpets, using water and maybe some deodorize in it.Therefor the first two methods are the best one to ask for, when you call “My Home- Carpet and rug care” to clean your rugs, we know how to do it right!