How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning and What is the Best
Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution

When shampooing or cleaning carpets in the home, the carpet may be clean, but the moisture left behind must be removed. Removing moisture quickly prevents the growth of mold and eliminates the risk of bacteria growing and the associated odor.

easiest way to dry carpets quickly is to open the windows. Opening windows on
warm, low-humidity days provides ventilation that dries carpets rapidly and
leaves the room aired out and smelling fresh. If the weather does not permit
opening windows, placing fans around the room is another option.

them down to hit the carpet directly. Every hour or two, move the fans to dry
other carpet areas. Repeat until the carpeting is dry. If there are ceiling
fans in the room, use them also. Dehumidifiers collect moisture.  They are ideal for drying the damp carpet.
Put the dehumidifier in the center of the room. Turn it on high — every hour or
two, empty the fluid canister that collects the moisture.

shop vac will suck up excess water. It is helpful when an excessive amount of
moisture is left behind on the rug. A shop vac is used as a regular vacuum. The
canister has to be emptied as needed when the fluid that is collected reaches
the fill line.

carpet steam cleaning


carpet steam cleaning

Cleaning Solution

you are going to attempt cleaning the carpet on your own, why not make your own
carpet cleaning solution? Many cheap carpet cleaning solutions and
‘professional’ machines are a waste of money and time. 

carpet cleaning solution recipe has some advantages over commercial cleaning
products. Many commercial products contain chemicals that irritate the skin and
eyes. This recipe is eco-friendly. It is ideal for families with children that
like to crawl on the floor.

found in cleaning products cause most allergic reactions to kids’ sensitive
skin. Along with the health concern, is the fact that it keeps the environment
clean. This recipe contains no harsh chemicals. There is no bad smell left
behind when applied to the carpet. It removes stains while keeping the texture
of the rug soft and smooth. No scrubbing that can damage the carpet is


  • 1 gal hot water (the hotter, the
  • 1½ T. white vinegar
  • ¼ c. 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 T. dish soap
  • Optional – 5 to 6 drops lemon
    essential oil

the tank of a carpet cleaning machine with hot water. Save some space for the
other ingredients. All the dish soap, (Adding it before filling the tank will
cause an overflow of soap bubbles) vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. Adding
several drops of lemon essential oil provides a refreshing citrus smell that
remains on the carpet for hours. Slowly mix and stir the ingredients in a
circular motion.

The recipe is that simple. All the ingredients can be found in the kitchen. You save the money you might have spent paying for a commercial product. The time to make your personal cleaning solution takes just a few minutes. 

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