Removing Odor Caused by Pets

Removing Odor Caused by Pets

Dog and cat owners attest to the benefits these pets bring to their lives. Some of these furry friends have occasional accidents, and others urinate on the carpet more often, particularly older pets. These contain a strong odor of ammonia that can be sensed throughout the home. There are some proven methods for salvaging the carpet and cleaning the stains.

Quickly Remove Pet Urine Stains

Clean up the urine spot when it is wet. Dried urine stains carpets and increases the growth of bacteria. Place several paper towel layers over the wet area. Walk on them to absorb as much liquid as possible. By removing the watery urine, the smell is reduced.

Neutralizing Pet Urine Odors

A vinegar solution made of one-part water and one-part vinegar can be used to offset the smell. Vinegar neutralizes ammonia without fading the carpet fibers. It is an excellent option for protection and cleaning the carpet. 

Pour the solution slowly over the stained area. It needs to reach fibers deep in the carpet. Allow ten minutes for the carpet to absorb the liquid. Use paper towels or a white cloth to soak up as much of it as possible. 

Blot to absorb the urine. There is an instinct to scrub the area. Doing so will untwist the carpet pile and spread the stain, making it look matted. If rubbing is necessary, gently agitate the carpet surface. Flick the carpet fibers rather than compressing and scrubbing. 

Work from the outside to the center. It is advised to use white paper towels or cloths to be able to see how much is absorbed. It could take several hours to become almost dry. When it is, sprinkle baking soda on the spot to absorb the odor. Allow it to settle into the fibers for approximately 15 minutes. 

pet odor and stains
pet odor and stains

Commercial Cleaners

There are many air fresheners, deodorizers, and pet stain removers on the market. These can be used if baking soda and vinegar fail to remove the spot or smell. How well cleaning products work depends on the type of carpet, such as synthetic versus natural fibers.

Read the labels to find one that can remove pet urine from your carpet. The nastier something is, the more cleaning product someone wants to use. The less amount of product used to get rid of the stain, the better it is for the carpet. It is better to repeat the process than overload with the product. Too much chemical residue can attract more dirt.

Avoid using steam cleaners or hot water. Heat permanently sets odor and stains by bonding the protein to the fibers. Cool or lukewarm water should be applied. An important step many people omit is rinsing with water to remove remaining cleaning products. Spray the spot with water and blot using a white towel until the area is as dry as possible.

Hiring a Professional

As you can see, using over-the-counter cleaning solutions can be tricky. Odors that are long-lasting and stains that cannot be removed need professional assistance. Expert technicians have cleaning products and machines to remove odors and clean the carpet so that it looks good as new. for more info on professional spot cleaning, contact carpet cleaning NYC .


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