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Over time, area rugs just get dirty. Whether it’s from daily wear and tear such as heavy foot traffic, food and drink spills or even pet stains, area rugs need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to maintain their beauty and longevity — and to protect your investment.

Not all area rugs should be cleaned the same way! – The method we use to clean area rugs depends on your type of rug. Silk, needlepoint, wool, vegetable dye, antique rugs just to name a few all require a different cleaning treatment. Silk rugs must be cleaned by hand whereas machine made rugs can be cleaned with a professional buffer. Every fiber needs a different treatment and that is why we need to inspect your rug prior to providing you with an accurate cleaning quote.We also provide professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning involves different processes than area rug cleaning. If interested, please review our carpet cleaning services page for more information

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Entrust your valuable rugs with us! The experts in oriental and handmade rug care. Natural fibers are very delicate, and if cleaned incorrectly, your rug’s colors may bleed, fibers may get damaged and shrinkage and browning may occur. This is just a short list of potential problems that could result if your oriental or antique rug is cleaned incorrectly, likely ruining your valuable investment.

Professional Cleaning in Our State of the Art Facilities – Our professional rug cleaners provide deep cleaning for area rugs in our state-of-the-art cleaning facilities and modern humidity-controlled drying room. We only use the most efficient processes and latest equipment to ensure the best results for you.

Pet Stains and Order? Not a Problem for Us! After we inspect your rug, we can tell you which pet stains can be removed with the standard wash and which stains will need a stain removal treatment. Our professionally trained staff member will provide you with all of this information at your free onsite estimate.


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