Scotch Guard Protection NYC

Do you want to prevent future stains on your carpets so that they always look fresh and clean? As difficult as it sounds, it is actually not. At least not when you avail our carpet scotch guard protection service. Try it out and you will be surprised by the effectiveness of it.

What are our main features?

    • Offers protection against all sorts of stains such as oil, red wine, ink, pert urine and so on.
    • Helps your carpet stays cleaner for longer periods of times
    • Increases resistance of the carpet fibers to soiling
    • Reduces abrasion of fibers
    • Blots up spills and prevents them from becoming stains, which makes it easier to clean

How does Scotch Guard work?

Our scotch guard prevents stains from forming on your carpet by developing a sort of shield around the fibers. This decreases the surface energy and the fibers begin to repel spills, dirt and dust. As such, they do not penetrate deep inside and only remain on the surface. Thus, the carpet can be cleaned with general techniques and always looks as good as new.

Though there are other carpet protectors out there, Scotch guard is better than all of them because it offers increased resistance. As such, it can repel most of the liquids and allows easy removal of spills before they turn into stains. It also prevents dirt and dust particles from sticking to the fibers, which makes cleaning easier.

What advantages do you get?

You enjoy many advantages if you deal with us instead of other companies which provide carpet scotch guard protection service.

  • We offer the best rates in town, which you will be able to afford easily.
  • We offer quality services which have made us the number one carpet cleaning company in the area.
  • We provide a guarantee on of our services. If you have any issues, you can always get back to us.

Please note:
our standard carpet cleaning package does not include the carpet scotch guard protection service. if you want to avail it, you will have to pay an extra price.