Rug Stain Removal NYC

Do you have an area rug in your home? How often do you get it cleaned? Yes, you can do this at home as well, but if you make use of an inappropriate method, you will destroy your area rug. A much better option is to seek help from the pros.

We have been providing area rug stain removal and cleaning services to a large number of clients since quite some time. Over all these years, we have developed expertise, which is why we can do a much better area rug stain removal and cleaning job than you can. We will first talk about area rugs, and then describe our cleaning procure.

Types of Area Rug

An area rug can either be handmade or machine made. Both are available in many styles, patterns and colors. Here is a look at the most popular ones of them.

Persian Area Rugs

Persian area rugs are made in bright colors and exclusive, fancy designs. These are of three main types: floral designs, pictorial designs or geometric designs.

Oriental Area Rugs

Though oriental rugs are made all over the globe, the most authentic of these are made in Asia. These are handmade, and are an expensive option. However, they look really beautiful and are a worth investment.

Braided Area Rugs

Braided area rugs are an affordable choice that will improve the look of your room. The outermost strands are weaved over several inners strands to create different patterns. There are false braided rugs as well, in which fabric strips are just wrapped around cotton clothesline.

Tibetan Area Rugs

Generally, the rugs comprise of a tiger pattern. However, modern Tibetan rugs also come in stunning geometric designs.

Shag Area Rugs

Shag area rugs are a great choice if want an insulating material in your home. They may not be that durable, but since they are not that expensive, they are quite popular.

Flokati Area Rugs

These rugs are highly durable and available is several interesting designs.

Stain Removal Process

We first identify the stains on your rugs and inspect the fibers. Accordingly, we choose a suitable area rug stain removal method. For instance, if your rug is made from wool we will use mild detergents and chemicals to remove the stains. If it is made from cotton or rayon, we use alkaline cleaning solutions and try not to wet the rug too much. Cotton rugs can shrink is they are exposed to excessive drying. Similarly, if your rug is made from silk, then also we use gentle stain removal techniques.

Cleaning Process

Just like our area rug stain removal process, your cleaning process also varies with the particular type of area rug you have. Persian and oriental rugs require very gentle procedures since they an expensive investment. With rugs that contain cotton, we have to be careful that the color does not bleed by any of our methods.

Send us your area rug; we will choose a suitable technique and then make it as good as new.