Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk is a natural fiber

which is produced by the larvae of silk worms. It is also made artificially, but the quality is not that great.
Silk mainly comprises of fibroin, which is a really strong natural fiber, but if it gets wet, it losses about 20% of its strength. Silk can refract light rays that fall on it, and appear as a really beautiful, shimmery material. Because of this property and its strength, silk is widely used for making silk rugs. These rugs can be used for any room in your house and look absolutely stunning, especially if you utilize the right amount of light in the room.

Silk rugs have been present in history since ages

For a long time, they have been used for decorative purposes in all parts of the world. Hereke silk rug is a popular type which has been used in palaces since the days of the sultans. These rugs are used exclusively by the royal class. Silk Turkish rugs and Kayseri silk rugs are also very popular.

Like every other rug, silk rugs can also become dirty as time passes. In this case, you must get them cleaned, but there is one problem. Hot water, steam cleaning and harsh cleaning products can damage your silk rug. This is why you must never handle cleaning yourself, and instead, hand over the job to a reputed cleaning company.

We have been in the silk cleaning industry for quite some time now. We assure you that we will not damage your rug while cleaning. We follow every effective procedures, and use gentle chemicals in our rug cleaning service. Here is a detailed look at our cleaning process.

We remove the dust

The first step of our silk rug cleaning process is to get rid of all the dust in your silk rug. For this, we will vacuum your rug thoroughly. You can do this at your home, but like we said, silk rug can get damaged easily and so you should not try it out.

We remove the spots

Our next step is to inspect your rug for stains. When we have determined their type, we remove them with appropriate agents. We use gentle chemicals and the fibers of your rug will stay strong so its quality will not be degraded. Using low quality cleaning solution will reduce the fiber strength and discolor the rug.

We wash your rug

Silk rugs get damaged when exposed to high temperatures. This is why we do not use warm water for washing your rug. Instead, we use water of normal temperature and wash your rug in it. We then leave it to dry in a state-of the-art drying room. Though air is used for this purpose, we never make use of heat.

We deodorize your rug

As clean as your rug may be, it should smell just as great. This is why we deodorize your rug as the last part our silk rug cleaning, leaving it smelling fresh and sweet.


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