Upholstery Dry Cleaning NYC

How long has it been since you last got that chair or couch cleaned? Ages? We are sure it must be covered with stains now, and would have a worn out appearance, spoiling the look of your otherwise beautifully decorated living room. Do you want to get your couch or chair back in its original condition without spending excessively or buying a new product? We can help you with this. Avail our upholstery dry cleaning service, and your couch or chair will be as good as new again. Contact us right now, and we will cater to your needs.

Our upholstery dry cleaning package is a popular choice among all the services we provide. We offer quality, which why so many clients make use of our great offers.

A Detailed Look at Our Dry Cleaning Process

Our upholstery dry cleaning technique utilizes very low moisture systems, which comprises of dry compounds only for cleaning. The primary advantage of this method is the reduced drying time, which allows us to make use of limited labor and helps us in achieving a faster completion time.

What if the upholstery contains many deep stains?

No problem even in this case. If the general upholstery dry cleaning will not be enough, we will first perform a pretreatment on your upholstery. Using special compounds, the bonds that lead to the stains are broken, which results in a spotless upholstery once more.

We have an edge in the industry

We truly believe we are a step ahead of our competitors because we have a skilled and experienced team to help us out. Our quality is so high that we can guarantee you the colors will not fade, as is the case with other cleaning procedures. We also offer very low rates do our deals are suitable and economical for all of our clients.

So get in touch with us; our contact details are available on the website. We are pretty sure you will not be disappointed with our services. Still uncertain? We can even provide you with positive testimonials and references of our satisfied clients. So pick up your phone, and dial our number now.