Vacuuming Is Not a Replacement for Carpet Cleaning

Many people feel the way they care for their carpets on their own is sufficient. They vacuum several times each week and blot and address spills and stains as they occur. Nearly all carpet manufacturers require carpets to be professionally steamed cleaned at least once per year or 24 months to honor a warranty.
Vacuuming and do-it-yourself steam cleaning are not enough. In most cases, professional steaming is the only way of protecting carpets. It is also a way to aid in protecting the health of those living in a home. Indoor air quality is much worse than that of outdoor air if floors and drapes are not kept clean and the air is not let inside regularly.

Health Issues

For the millions of people who suffer from allergies, air quality in the house is a huge issue. Experts have said the following are a few carpet cleaning rules to keep air in the home clean. They are:
1.Have professionals steam clean carpets.
2.Vacuum a minimum of once each week.
3.Vacuum slowly.
4.Have fall and spring area rug cleaning sessions.
5.Blot spills immediately.
6.Choose carpets that are not dust magnets.

Steam Cleaning

Experts recommend more frequent carpet cleaning NYC than recommended by the manufacturer. They suggest every six months. The recommendation if pets are in the home, is four to six-week intervals. Regardless of the frequency, professional steam cleaning is hands down necessary.
Only steam effectively lifts dust from deep within carpets. Dirt left in the carpet wears it down and rips the carpet fibers. Professional machines zap the steam moisture from carpets when cleaning is finished. Do-it-yourself cleaning turns a home into a mold growth incubator.use professional carpet cleaning NYC service instead.


Between cleanings, vacuuming is the easiest method of keeping area rugs and carpets clean. Vacuuming should be done at least once each week to keep abrasive dust particles out of the carpet fibers. The frequency should be ramped up if there are pets in the home and high-traffic areas.
Depending on the amount of debris noticed, daily vacuuming may be required. A common error made by many is vacuuming too fast. The best work of carpet fiber vibration and dust containment is accomplished by sweeping slowly.

Area Rugs

Area rugs vary in care instructions. Typically, they should be vacuumed as often as carpets. Deep clean them with an old-fashioned broom beating. Take them outside, shake them, beat with a broom, and allow them to air out. Many can be steam cleaned once per year.


Rubbing a stain will distort the fluffy shape or pile of a carpet and spread around goo. Delaying clean up allows moisture to seep deep into the carpet. Spray a cloth with carpet cleaner and dab the stain. Work from the outside to the center.
Use a clean cloth in the same manner to rinse, then blot dry. Create a stack of paper towels to pile on the area. Place something heavy on top of the area to absorb leftover moisture. Keeping it there overnight ensures wetness will be zapped.


Low pile carpet prevents dust buildup. Durable, noticeable materials such as wool rather than synthetics like nylon are recommended.