Do you live in Soho, NY and browsing for carpet, upholstery or area rug cleaning?
If so, you came to the perfect place. My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care provides competitive rates with matchless trained cleaning service for couches, wall to wall rugs and carpets, mattress, water damaged mats and curtain cleaning.

 our advatages

As an earth-friendly corporation, we apply only organic options which are kids and pet friendly.
We don’t use any harsh chemicals which could threat your family.
It’s much advised to clean every 6 months your upholstery & area rugs and avoid dust mites and allergies which are resulted from not cleaning your carpet and sofas seriously and competently.

My Home Carpet cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning NYC is a nearby cleaning service providing exactly that. We have years of practice and know the best way to work with any condition that requires professional carpet cleaning on site.
We present reasonable pricing, skilled team and immediate drying out method for carpet, upholstery and rugs in Soho, NY.

Call us now at 212-6580618 to acquire a free of charge evaluation on site.
We work from 8 am to 6 pm and are also open on weekends.
Our firm also has all insurance necessities and licensed workforce to meet any cleaning requirements in Soho, NY.

We are extremely dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction and making sure every job, small or big, is getting all that demands to give a 100% satisfaction assured.

A happy consumer is a returning customer and we’re sure that once trying out our carpet and rugs cleaning services in Soho, you will definitely be contented and submit new family members and friends to use our exceptional service.

clean your carpets yourself?
Sure. If you maintained vacuuming your carpets and rugs every month so they should be in a fine state and a fine vacuum with your domestic vacuum cleaner ought to be satisfactory.
But still, for those who didn’t clean them over 6 months you should use the specialized carpet cleaning because considering the dust termites are deep within the carpet’s fibers and a usual home carpet vacuum machine won’t deliver results.

MY Home Cleaning services in Soho:

• Deep shampoo cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Couch cleaning
• Bed mattress cleaning
• Wall to wall carpet cleaning
• Best Area rug care
• Animal stain and odor exclusion
• Organic and natural cleaning fibers
• Oriental rug fix
• Window curtain cleaning
• Water damaged repair / restoration
• Without charge pickup and delivery
• Free quote on site

Rug Cleaning

Cleaning area rugs is often a different story and frequently is not recommended to be cleaned using your vacuum cleaner.
The reason being each rug is made from various materials like coat, silk or cotton and you will probably well ruin the rug’s fibers if you don’t understand how to clean it.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care proficient team members in Soho, NY are educated to clean and fix every rug issue you might have. An expert is aware exactly what is needed to remove espresso, wine or blood spills from rugs especially when high-quality rugs are stained.
In no way seek to clean handmade rug yourself – Phone us to acquire a professional to inspect your fine rug without spending a dime.
We offer rugs cleaning ranging from $2/sq.ft for onsite cleaning, for machine made rugs .

carpet cleaning  Soho

Pet Marks and Pet Smells

Every pet owner is aware of the situation of returning home from work and understanding pee or puke dirt over the carpet. It’s awfully important to remove it or soak it with damp tissue but precisely what most crucial is always to without delay dial a professional cleaner, that has the appropriate cleaning methods and a machine to wash it systematically. Dog or cat urine, if not addressed by the book, may very well kill your rug fibers.

Dye Restoration

Color bleeding is a very common matter, especially when having water damaged rugs that were sitting wet for an extended period of time. Colorings change behavior and start to misplace and more than that mix with other colors which can wreck the whole pattern and design of the rug. This case necessitates a direct care.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care be able to restore nearly any color bleeding matter, especially with oriental best-quality rugs, by utilizing organic dyes that match the origin shade and design of the area rug.

Moth Damage

Moths are a very common problem in most any apartment and especially with carpets that have been long time placed in a storage place.

For everybody who is struggling with moth damage on your carpets, don’t stress, simply phone us now and we’ll take care of it Right now.
My home moth damage progression includes icing the moth that soaks the carpets deep in a unique soaking container, immersing the fibers and getting rid of the moth.

Coffee, Wine along with Stains

Spilling coffee, wine or maybe blood stains on carpets and rugs, transpires on a regular basis.
Did you have a messy graduation event at your house . on the weekend? Or perhaps your kid spilled water or worse, colored your great area rug? Don’t be concerned, just chill out call us, and get quick aid and professional cleaning to get it out and bring your rug to its previous magnificence.

Upholstery Care

With our company’s years of experience cleaning upholstery items in Soho, NY we’ve got a wide range of cleaning options. Regardless whether you need to clean your arm chair, couch or queen size mattress – we know how to clean it fast, professionally and with economical price.

Pets Issues

As much as we love pets and they are true members of the family, pets definitely are a major basis for hair drop and stains in the case of upholstery. Pet hair is exceptionally challenging to vacuum utilizing a common home warehouse vacuum cleaner or even a robot vacuum.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care gives you powerful and deep vacuuming to get all pet hair out from the carpets and rugs and sofas.
In case not eradicated carefully, pet hair could potentially cause allergy symptoms, especially to babies in the house. Pet urine and urine in general gets lethal and leave an awfully harsh stain when not cared for at once.

Different Cleaning Methods

We supply a variety of cleaning approaches that is suitable for each upholster item.
From dry cleaning (velvet objects) to moist and deep shampoo cleaning that takes all mites out and leaves your mattress or sectional couch scents great, new and dust free.

Our service area includes the next zips in Soho, NY: 10012, 10013, 10014


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