Rug Re-Fringing NYC

A rug is a great decorative element that adds beauty into whichever room it is laid. However, this beauty lasts only as long as you clean and maintain the rug. Indeed you can do this by yourself, but taking help from the pros is always recommended.

Cleaning and maintenance are not the only aspects of rug care. With prolonged use, the fringes may get damaged, and you will have to opt for a rug re-fringing service.

Understanding the fringes of your rug

A fringe can be regarded as the skeleton of your rug. If your rug is hand woven, the fringe is actually the warps of the rug, which are tried around the edges of the rugs to secure the knots. Each strand of fringe runs right across your rug onto the other hand. For a machine woven rug, the fringe is just glued or sewed in the end.

A damaged fringe does not only mar the appearance of your rug, but can also loose up the knots. This can damage your entire rug, which is why you must avail a rug re-fringing process. Send your rug to use, and we will take care of it.

Our rug re-fringing process

We use high quality methods to repair the fringes on your rug. When we are done, our work will seamlessly blend in well with the rest of the rug, and will not spoil the appearance. Here are the steps of our rug re-fringing process.

1) We secure each end of your rug by an overcast stitch. This is done so that the structure of your rug is maintained while it is refringed.

2) We lay a new fringe over the base of the original fringe and sew it with hand.

3) If tassels of the original fringe peek through to the new fringe, we trim them shorter so as to neaten the appearance.

4) If the original fringe has not damaged much, we do not replace it completely. Instead, we add yarns of the same color and material in the damaged areas, and attach them by hand.



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