Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool is a popular material for rugs in the country because of its strength, softness and resistance to stains. Wool fibers do not degrade or lose their original touch, which is why wool rigs are so preferable.
Wool rugs are available in many varying qualities which differ in their styles and designs. The materiel can easily be dyed, so there are numerous shades to choose from. Whichever ones of these you choose, the rug will look beautiful and improve the appearance of your room. Moreover, every wool rug is durable and will see many years in your house if you take care of it. We suggest that you should seek professional wool rug cleaning services so that your wool rug always remains well maintained and has that new appearance.

We are a reputed wool rug cleaning in the service; if your rug is dirty, send it to us, and we will take care of it.

Types of Wool Rugs

The wool rug cleaning procedures vary with the type of rug you have. Wool rugs can be divided into a number of types, based on the manner in which they are made. Some of these are handmade and others are made from machine procedures. The material used is 100% wool, synthetic wool, or a woolen blend with nylon. The latter two of these are more economical than the first option, and are available in beautiful designs. The former option is of higher quality, but has a high price tag associated with it.

Cleaning Procedures

Our wool rug cleaning is based on three main phases. We conduct each of these steps carefully so that noticeable results are produced.

Detailed Inspection

In the initial phase, we examine your rug thoroughly and note down all sort of stains that are present. Every stain type is treated differently, and once we have identified the stain, we remove it with a suitable substance. For instance, wine stains can be removed with detergent, but coffee stain has to be removed with glycerin. And if the stain is of grease, thorough vacuuming can make it go away.

We also analyze the quality of the rug and ensure that none of the procedures, which we will follow next, will damage your wool rug.

Pre-Washing Phase

This phase addresses the dust and dirt in your rug. We immerse it in a cleaning solution for some time. During this, the chemicals in the solution act on the dirt particles and detach from the fibers.

Cleaning Procedure

We will either clean your wool rug through washing or steam cleaning depending on its quality. In the first option, we rinse your rug with warm water so that all residues are removed. After this, the rug has to be dried, which we do at state-of-the-art facilities.

We may also steam clean your rug; we will subject it to steam, which will loosen and free up dirt particles in the rug. These are then removed by vacuuming.

So send us your wool rug for cleaning- we assure you that we will do a great job.



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