Carpet Blocking & Stretching NYC

Do you have waves or wrinkles in your rug? If so, you may require a rug blocking and stretching service. Just as the name implies, in this process, we stretch your rugs and remove the wrinkles.

How does your rug wrinkle?

Rug wrinkling is caused by the regular wear and tear. There are other reasons as well such heavy traffic, pulled fibers and the like. A low quality cleaning process can also cause your rug to wrinkle.

Why should you avail a rug blocking and stretching?

There are a number of reasons for utilizing a rug blocking and stretching.

1) Wrinkles in your rug mar the appearance and spoil its beauty.

2) Wrinkles on your rug expose you to safety risks.

3) If you accidentally trip over this, you may fall and get seriously injured.

What is the rug blocking and stretching process?

We use a quality rug blocking and stretching, the main steps of which are given below.
1) The first step is to thoroughly brush the rug pile. We do this with our hand so that better results can be obtained. Until the pile is smooth and flat, we keep brushing it.

2) Now we roll our rug from the edge where the pile is smooth. This has to be done tightly as possible so that the rug is straightened out.

3) We then unroll the rug and straighten it out. Once more, we keep smoothing the rug pile, and press it hard against a surface.

4) Next, we will use our specialized equipment to deal with wrinkles. We set a temperature that is suitable for the material of your rug and start pressing it with our advanced iron. While doing this, we ascertain to move along the rug pile. Moving against it will damage your rug. In this manner, we iron the rug until all the edges are flattened down.

5) At times, despite the ironing, the corners curl up. In such a case, we flatten them down with either heavyweight objects or flattening devices.

If you want us to, we can back up your rug with rubber strips. This will prevent the edges from rolling, and there will be no injury risks.


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