Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

If you are the proud owner of one or several viscose rugs that are covering your floors or decorating your walls at home or at your commercial space, kudos. You are most likely benefiting from the silk-like qualities of these beautiful, shimmering rugs while having paid only a small fraction of the costs of buying original silk carpeting. Unfortunately, there is a pretty annoying reverse of the medal when it comes to these rugs: they are extremely susceptible to breaking because of the weak cellulose fibers they are made from. 

This means that their cleaning and drying are particularly complicated and demanding and should only be completed with the help of trained NYC rug cleaners who know exactly what they are doing. Give us a call and allow us to put our long years of experience and expertise in cleaning viscose rugs to work for you.

Why Viscose Rugs Are Difficult To Clean

Viscose carpets are incredibly soft and they have a special shimmer, which are the main reasons why many people invest in them, together with their affordable price tags. However, rayon, art silk, banana, or bamboo rugs, as they are also called, tend to be particularly fragile and weak because of the fibers they are made from. They are manufactured using a special type of cellulose, which is why many experts compare their fragility to that of paper.

These rugs are made from fibers that are normally found in the pulp of wood or the by-products of cotton. The manufacturing process also relies on various chemicals, which makes disposing of these short life-spanned rugs even more harmful for the environment. The cellulose fibers are particularly weak and they will easily cause the carpets to break and get torn apart.

We have been working with all known types of viscose, rayon, or faux silk rugs for many years and we know just how to tackle any type of staining, deeply embedded dirt, mildew, or anything else that might have affected the integrity and structure of your rugs.

Viscose rugs are also subject to severe and easy staining when they are touched by water, especially for a long period of time during several washing cycles. Mildew is also another risk they are periodically confronted with, making the drying step of the cleaning process an extremely important one.

These are some of the most popular viscose carpet cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • advanced viscose rug assessment
  • color run tests
  • expert viscose rug vacuuming and washing
  • stain removal, including pet urine and pet waste
  • the application of fabric protectants

Give us a call and inquire about any other services you may not be able to find in the list above. Our friendly and experienced customer support representatives should be able to thoroughly answer all your questions and clarify any uncertainties you might be dealing with.

Safe Viscose Carpet Cleaning Solutions Services

Our professional viscose rug cleaners never begin any viscose cleaning procedure without first assessing the fibers, type of staining, and dyes used during manufacturing. This will help them get a deeper understanding of what to expect, anticipate any potential damages, and work out clever ways to avoid them. This requires a special type of expertise that we are proud to say that all of our cleaning technicians proudly possess.

We know just how much water to use and if and when to rely on steam cleaning practices in order to remove any stubborn stains while preventing the rug from turning brown or yellow. For the most part, our NY viscose rug cleaners use acid detergents and the safest and most efficient vacuuming and drying methods.

Since viscose is not able to hold dye properly, the washing often times poses a lot of difficulties for most inexperienced carpet cleaners who do not have any experience working with this type of rugs. We are well aware of the way the dyes will run and the way the shades will begin to fade once the washing cycles will be initiated and water will reach the fibers. Rely on us to assist you with your exact sensitive viscose carpet cleaning needs and keep the damage to a minimum.

Our experts also dry vacuum viscose rugs with the help of low-power vacuums without using any additional beating heads that could wreak havoc on the loose strands, pulling on them and eventually causing them to break or start shedding. It is also possible to use expert softeners for misting the carpets before proceeding to have them groomed. The grooming process will prevent the fibers from getting stiff once water will reach the fibers. More often than not, however, viscose rugs will not feel as soft as they were prior to the washing, which is why proper maintenance is a must.

Competitive Viscose Rug Cleaning Prices

The Carpet Cleaning NYC team is happy to provide you with your custom, no-obligation, fully comprehensive, and transparent price quote for any of the viscose cleaning services you might want to hire us to do.

We charge some of the lowest and most competitive service rates in town and we warmly invite you to give us a call and allow us to schedule a cleaning job for you as soon as possible. We can finish off every cleaning job with the application of a special fabric protector that will prolong the lifespan of your rugs and help them withstand stains and spills more easily.

Call now, let us schedule an appointment for you and allow us to prove to you why we are the number one viscose carpet cleaners in NY!