Rug Moth Proofing NYC

We are a reputed company which offers rug repair and restoration services. We have many different packages, and among these, our rug moth proofing service is widely availed. If your rug also has this problem, you can send it over to us, and we will take care of it. Once we are done, your rug will appear as good as new.

Moth damage is a common problem in this area, and we often receive rugs which have to be treated for moth damage. Moth is an annoying pest which is attracted by dampness and moisture. It breeds on natural fibers, particularly those made of proteins as cotton, wool and silk. On an average, moths have a life cycle of around two or three months.

Generally, the adult moths do not cause any harm, but when they are larvae, they can damage your carpet.

What causes moth damage to your rug?

Your rug can get damaged by moth if you do not clean it regularly or leave it undisturbed for prolonged periods under your bed and other heavy furniture. You can prevent this damage if you regularly vacuum you rug and send it to professional cleaners once in a while. Still if rug has been damaged, we can treat and restore it to its original condition.

How do we treat moth damage?

The first step of our rug moth proofing process is to expose your rug to sunlight or high temperatures for some time. We then treat your rug with an ant-bacterial solution. Once the moths have been killed, we treat your rug with our professional cleaning service and leave it for drying.

The next step of our rug moth proofing is to repair your rug. We prepare a foundation for your rug by making warps and wefts, and then we tie the knots to these. While doing this, we ascertain that we use threads that are similar in texture and color to the original fibers of your rug. When we are done, your rug will look new again, and you will not be able to identify the moth damaged area.

We can also treat your rug with chemicals that will prevent moth damage in the end.


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