Rug Padding NYC

We are a reputed name in the area which offers quality rug padding service. Our pads are of the highest quality and will not cause any damage to your floor. They also make it easier for you to clean and maintain your rug.

What is rug padding?

Rug padding is a process in which an extra cushioning layer is added between the floor and your rug.
This makes your rug more comfortable and its life is also preserved.

What are the advantages of rug padding?

There are many advantages of rug padding, which are as follows.
1) Your rug’s original appearance is maintained for longer periods of time, and its lifetime is increased.

2) The extra layer ebb twee the rug and floor makes the rug more comfortable, and you can walk on it bare foot as well.

3) Padding absorbs sound which reduces echoes.

4) Padding prevents your rug from sliding on the floor and also prevents damage to the rug.

5) In regions with extreme climates, rug padding can act as insulation.

6) Rug padding resists the growth of moth and other bacterial organisms.

What types of rug pads do we use?

We offer two main types of pads for your precious rugs. The first is the non sticky rug pad and the second is the sticky rug pad.
As the name implies, the non stick rug pad is neither attached to the rug nor the floor. Whichever type of flooring you have in your house, this is a great choice because it will not damage the surface.
On the other hand, a sticky rug grip is sticky on both side, and is suitable for carpet flooring.

How do we install rug pads?

We will first remove your rug, and measure it. Accordingly, we will cut a pad that is of an appropriate size. Generally, the pad is kept slightly smaller than the rug so that it remains hidden beneath it. Next we place the pad over the area and straighten it out carefully. When we are sure there are no wrinkles, we press down the rug on the pad.