Rug Patching NYC

Does your rug have holes in it? It does not matter what their size is or what the type of your rug is. Send it to us, and we will make the holes disappear with our quality rug patching process. We do a really great job with this, and when we are finished, you will not be able to tell where the holes were.

How are holes caused in your rug?

Small tears and holes in your rug have many causes. If there is too much traffic on the rug, it can get torn. Same is the case if heavy furniture is moved over the rug. At times, water damage can also cause holes in your rug.

Whatever the cause of holes is in your case, you must immediately avail a rug patching service, so that the rug does not undergo further damage. If you delay this, the knots of your rug can become undone, and your rug will be completely spoilt.

What rug patching processes do we follow?

We have a number of rug patching techniques. We will study the extent of damage to or rug, and according choose a suitable method. If the hole is very small, we can stitch it up. This will strengthen the surrounding fibers, and they will be prevented from further damage or tears.

If the hole is more prominent, then we need to patch and reweave your rug. In this case, we make use of the selective dye technique so that the yarn color matches with the original colors of your rug.

After this, we will patch up your rug. We splice the new dyed yarn into the surrounding fibers of the damaged area, and then start patching up the rug. Depending on the hole size, we will either re-weave or re-knot the pile in the exact same manner as your original rug. If you rug has a pattern, we will create that as well while patching it up.

Our work is really neat, and when a are done you will not be able to tell it apart from the original rug.