Area Rug Cleaning

Our professional rug cleaners can provide deep cleaning for area rugs. State-of-the-art cleaning facilities and a modern humidity-controlled drying room are used to provide the service. The most efficient processes and latest equipment are parts of the cleaning unit that is highly modernized.

Our Process for Area Rug Cleaning

The rugs are inspected to identify stains and determine the cleaning method that is appropriate. Heavily soiled areas are treated first, and all deep stains are removed. To ensure no stains are left behind, the rug is thoroughly washed, and dust removed. Professional rug cleaners do more than remove surface stains. The rug comes out clean and spotless. No blemishes remain. Moth treatment and deodorizing services are offered to enhance the results. The cleaning process will not damage the rug, and colors will not fade. Precautions are taken to maintain the rug’s quality.

Area Rug Drying

Rugs are dried in the shortest time with the use of a controllable drying room that dries the rugs perfectly. The process takes only a few hours. Thousands of holes allow the continuous circulation of air produced by large fans. When dried quickly, colors do not fade, and the appearance of the rug is not marred in the process.

Special Area Rug Treatments

Some rugs require special treatment the professional rug cleaners should provide.

Orient Rugs

Oriental rugs add exotic and sophisticated touches to the home. They should be purchased with need to be kept clean in mind. A neglected Orient rug will wear out quickly.

Harmful soap and chemicals should never be used on Oriental rugs. It is best professionals handle the job to ensure the rugs are in safe hands. Experts understand the vegetable and natural dyes used in Oriental rugs present the potential of discoloration. Harsh chemicals can cause discoloration. Soap that remains in rugs has to be forcefully removed. That process also causes discoloration. Oriental rugs require a cleaning solution that uses a soft, efficient process best carried out by professionals.

The rug is returned to the owner perfectly clean and dry. No residue or dirt remains. A yearly cleaning is recommended for Oriental rugs.


Needlepoint Rugs

Needlepoint rugs brighten a room. They are attractive and delicate. Cleaning them can pose a challenge. Wet cloths do not clean needlepoint rugs. A wet cloth may increase the stained area. Professional rug cleaners can clean the rug and make it look new again.

Area Rug Final Inspection

As with all rugs, professionals will inspect needlepoint rugs and assess the proper treatment. Both sides of the rug will be vacuumed with special equipment to remove debris and dirt. Vacuuming of a needlepoint rug may take several minutes or several hours.

A dye run test, to determine whether or not dye transfer will occur in the washing process will be conducted. The washing process is adjusted according to the test results. After the rug is washed, it is soaked for a time appropriate to remove stains. Some stains may require a soak of several hours.

The rug is rinsed and hung so that air circulating fans and heat can dry the rug. Hand grooming is the final step involved in needlepoint rug cleaning. The rug is brushed.



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