Do you live in Manhattan, NY and hunting for carpet, upholstery or area rug cleaning?

If that’s the case, you discovered the absolute right place. My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care NYC provides reasonably competitive rates with supreme certified cleaning service for sofas, wall to wall carpets and rugs, bed mattress, water damaged area rugs and drape cleaning.

As an earth-friendly company, our company uses only certified organic remedies which are kids and pet friendly.
We don’t use any tough chemicals that might risk your loved ones.
It’s much recommended to clean every 6 months your upholstery & area rugs and avoid dust mites and allergies that are resulted from not cleaning your carpet and sofas severely and efficiently.
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My Home Rugs and carpets cleaning Services

My home Carpet & Upholstery Care is a nearby cleaning service providing exactly that. We have years of practice and know ways to cope with any matter that demands professional carpet cleaning on site.
We offer reasonable pricing, qualified workforce and fast drying procedure for carpet, upholstery and rugs in Manhattan, NY.

Give us a call now at 212-6580618 to acquire a free of charge examination on site.
We work from 8 am to 6 pm and are also available on weekends.
Our company has all insurance necessities and licensed workers to meet any cleaning requirements in Manhattan, NY.

We are incredibly devoted to our clients’ satisfaction and ensuring every job, minor or tremendous, is getting all that needs to give a 100% satisfaction assured.

A happy customer is a returning customer and we are confident that the minute trying out our carpet and rugs cleaning services in Manhattan, you are going to be completely satisfied and direct other family members and associates to apply our tremendous service.

clean your carpets yourself?
Sure. If you maintained vacuuming your carpets and rugs every month so they should be in a fine situation and a fine vacuum with your home vacuum cleaner ought to be enough.
Nonetheless, for those who didn’t clean them over six months you have to use the professional carpet cleaning since chances are high the dust mites are inside within all the carpet’s fibers and a usual home carpet vacuum machine won’t complete the task.

MY Home Cleaning services in Manhattan:

•Deep shampoo cleaning
•Drape cleaning
•Upholstery cleaning
•Couch cleaning
•Wall to wall carpet cleaning
•Area rug care services
•Four-legged friend stain and odor exclusion
•Far eastern rug fix
•Water damaged repair
•Organic and natural cleaning
•On the house pickup and delivery
•Free estimate on site
•Mattress cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Washing area rugs can be described as different story and frequently is absolutely not recommended to be cleaned with your vacuum cleaner.
The reason being each rug is constructed from various materials for instance fur, silk or cotton and you could well damage the rug’s fibers in case you don’t have the ability to clean it.
My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care qualified team members in Manhattan, NY are taught to clean and repair every rug matter you might have. An expert is aware exactly what’s necessary to clear away espresso, wine or blood spots from rugs in particular when fine rugs are blemished.
In no way attempt to clean hand-crafted rug yourself – Give us a call to get a proto inspect your fine rug for free.
We offer rugs cleaning ranging from $2/sq.ft for on location cleaning, for machine made rugs .

carpet cleaning Manhattan

Pet Stains and Pet Odors

Every pet owner understands the situation of coming home from work and understanding pee or puke spots over the carpet. It’s elementary to remove it or soak it with soaked tissue but what exactly most important is to promptly ring a reliable cleaner, that has the proper cleaning solutions and a machine to wash it thoroughly. Pet urine, in case not dealt with right, can possibly destroy your rug fibers.

Colors Recovery

Color bleeding is a very common concern, especially if experiencing water damaged rugs which have been sitting wet for a long time. the colors show a different side of themselves and start to misplace as well as merge with other colors which enable it to spoil the whole pattern and style of the rug. This case demands an instantaneous care.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care be able to restore almost every color bleeding issue, particularly with Persian best-quality rugs, by utilizing natural dyes that match the basis colors and design of the area rug.

Moth Damage

Moths are a well-known trouble in mostly any apartment and specially with carpets which had been long time kept in a storage place.

Should you be confronting moth damage with your carpets, don’t stress, simply call us immediately and we shall handle it Right now.
My home moth damage process includes icing the moth that soaks the carpets deep in a unique soaking bath tub, immersing the fibers and wiping out the moth.

Coffee, Wine as well as Stains

Dumping coffee, wine and even blood stains on carpets and rugs, transpires every day.
Did you have a fanatical holiday event in your home on the weekend? Or maybe your child spilled water or worse, colored your great area rug? Don’t worry, just loosen up ring us, and get immediate help and professional cleaning to get it out and bring your rug to its previous beauty.

Upholstery Care

With our extensive experience cleaning upholstery items in Manhattan, NY we have a large selection of cleaning treatments. No matter whether you want to clean your arm chair, couch or queen size mattress – we know the way to wash it fast, expertly and with economical fee.

Pets Issues

Just as much as we love pets and they are actual family members, pets undoubtedly are a major starting place for hair drop and stains in terms of upholstery. Pet hair is exceptionally robust to vacuum with a common home depot vacuum cleaner or even an automatic robot vacuum.

Carpet cleaning NYC offers powerful and deep vacuuming to have all pet hair from out of your carpet and couches.
Unless detached methodically, pet hair would lead to hypersensitivity, expressly to babies at home. Pet urine and urine usually can get lethal and leave a really harsh stain if it wasn’t handled right away.

Different Cleaning Techniques

We supply different cleaning methods that is suitable for every upholster product.
From dry cleaning (velvet items) to wet and deep shampoo cleaning that takes all termites out and leaves your mattress or sectional futon perfumes great, new and dust free.

Our service area contains the next zip codes in Manhattan, NY:

Why Choose My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care NYC ?

100% Organic Carpet Cleaning Service

  • We do our own work and we do not subcontract
  • We clean your rugs in our own state of the art facility
  • Free estimate & same day service
  • Free pickup & delivery
  • All our staff members are IICRC trained